Meet-Scrum A Poster

I’ve just had a look at Travis Birch’s Scrum poster over at Agile Advice:


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Scrum, BDD and Cynefin

Over the last few months my team have been using BDD in our scrum. We have been trying to appreciate the full “conversation” sense as well as defining scenarios for automation. We’re getting a lot of value from 3 amigos sessions in the sprint and have found that this has increased communication and collaboration,  as well as assuaging the fear of under refining stories up front.

Liz Keogh posted today about BDD and Cynefin. I thought the practical advice and application was interesting.

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An Agile reading list

I’m a bit of a bookaholic. My reading list is always far too long, (you can see it here if you’re interested) and I’ve generally got about 10 books started. This makes posts like Johanna Rothman’s Minimum Reading List for an Agile Transition catnip for me.

I’m interested in what other people read and what they’d recommend other’s read so I asked around work to see what my colleagues believe to be on an essential agile reading list. Continue reading

Lessons leant from Mike Cohn: 2 Times to Play Planning Poker and 1 Time Not To

I read this: 2 Times to Play Planning Poker and 1 Time Not To this morning.

The last part in particular is interesting and has taught me something; I’ve sometimes encouraged teams to validate estimates in sprint planning, but Mike’s point seems solid as to why this is a bit pointless; these estimates are supposed to be rough.

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